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Fix your broken and dusty concrete garage floor once and for all.  Start the process to transform your garage into a clean, functional space.  Call or text Stefan today at 289-272-5466 or simply fill out the contact form below!

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More Than Just A Concrete Coating

At Garage Floors 4 Less St. Catharines, we offer more than just a coating on your concrete floor.  First and foremost, we are concrete resurfacing specialists.  We repair and prepare the concrete before installing one of our 15-year polyaspartic coating systems.  We employ proprietary waterproofing technologies that will ensure any coating system we install will bond to the concrete for life.


Concrete is notorious for cracking.  It’s so brittle and absorbs moisture like a sponge so it’s no wonder it cracks in no time at all. The good news is, no crack is too big or too small for us to tackle!  We employ specialized crack filling technology that bonds to the existing concrete on a microscopic level.


Garage floors are notorious for pitting. With constant exposure to water, salt from vehicle tires and underbodies, and the Canadian freeze thaw cycles, pitting is bound to happen.  We repair any and all types of pitting before installing our lifetime flooring systems.


Pooling on a garage floor can be major, in the case of a broken slab, or minor, in the case of low spots in certain areas of your floor. In any case, pooling problems are difficult to solve, but we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get it done.

Garage Floor Before & Afters

Check out a small sample of our amazing before and after photos.  These are real transformations done by our skilled technicians.  Whatever the condition of your concrete garage floor, we can handle it!  We have the experience necessary to get the job done right the first time, plus an array of industrial products at our disposal.

Not a fan of a decorative coating?  No problem!  We also offer a concrete resurfacing plus waterproofing option.  This option does not require a finishing decorative epoxy or polyaspartic coating.  We simply repair and resurface your existing floor using water-based cement products and finish it with a high quality sealer.  This will leave you with a floor that resembles new concrete, but is resistant to water and chemicals, giving you much more durability.

Severe cracks, stains & pitting

Beautiful floor!

New slab with existing DIY coating removal

Brand new!

Unusable space

Complete garage makeover!

More Than Just Epoxy Coatings

Garage Floors 4 Less St. Catharines offers complete garage organization and makeover services.  We have many options:

  • Slat wall organization systems (interconnected 8 foot by 8 inch wall paneling)
  • Cabinets (assorted sizes)
  • Overhead storage racks (from 2’x4′ to 4’x8′)
  • Garage painting services

Slat Wall Systems

Slat wall comes in panels that are 8 feet long by 8 inches tall.  One bundle of slat wall comes with 6 panels, for a total square footage coverage of 32 sq ft with 8’x4′ dimensions.  We can supply and install one or two bundles on a wall for you, or you can do a 4′ high band all around your garage, or cover all of your walls in slat wall!  We also colour match paint any wall areas that need to be trimmed around, so you end up with a seamless finish.


We offer several different grades of cabinet systems – a select series, pro series and a totally custom series.  The select and pro series delivers excellent quality at reasonable prices.  The cabinet systems are modular and you can build a cabinet system that fits your garage layout.

Overhead Storage

Overhead storage racks are an excellent way to take advantage of space in your garage that may otherwise be wasted.  Popular install locations for overhead racks are above garage doors (provided you have at least 24″ of space above your garage doors), above where vehicles park and at the back and sides of the garage.  The racks come as small as 2’x4′ and as large as 4’x8′.

No More Dust and Broken Concrete!

If you’ve been putting off repairs on your garage floor, then there’s no better time than now to call us and get it done.

After our work is done, all of our customers love how easy it is to clean their new garage floor. They also love that our floor eliminates dust and dirt from entering their home. If you’re like most people, your garage door is like the front door to your house, especially in winter. You might also hate all the dust that’s constantly tracked inside your home from the bare concrete floor in your garage. Our floor completely solves that problem!

We are so confident in our products and techniques that every floor we install comes with a 15-year warranty. The backbone of our install is a waterproofing technology. The main factor that impacts coatings installed on concrete is something called moisture vapour pressure. Concrete is like a sponge, constantly absorbing water from the subgrade below. You may not necessarily see this vapour pressure with your naked eye, but there are various ways to test for it. Results vary at different times of the year as well. The bottomline is, with enough vapour pressure over a period time, coatings can delaminate from the concrete, especially with the added weight of vehicles driving over top, day after day, year after year. During our floor preparation process (before coating), we employ a proprietary moisture vapour barrier technology that also strengthens the existing concrete. This technology is included by default, at no extra charge, in every floor we install? Why is that you may ask? The answer is simple. Our goal is to deliver a fantastic floor that will last a lifetime. We want to give you amazing service one time and then you’ll never call us back to do a repair! This allows us to continue growing our business and serving more customers.

So when you call or text Stefan at 289-272-5466, you’ll receive great service and a great floor that will last a lifetime!

We proudly live in and serve the Niagara Region!  Please fill out the form and we’ll call you to set up an estimate.

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