Basement Epoxy Flooring

Our most popular basement flooring option is a seamless, solid colour epoxy floor. Available in gloss or matte finish!

Why Choose Epoxy for your Basement Floor?

If you are considering finishing your basement floor, you will quickly realize that there are quite a few options available. Each option has several pros and cons. Here, we’ll discuss the reasons our clients decided to go with an epoxy coating for their finished basement floor.



In the event of a basement flood, an epoxy coating will remain unharmed. Contrast this to carpet and wood, which would be completely destroyed. After you clean up the flood waters, your epoxy floor will be identical to the way it was pre-flood. So if your basement is in an area prone to flooding, epoxy is the best flooring option for you. This is because once the epoxy coating bonds to the underlying concrete, the only way you can remove it is via mechanical means (i.e. grinding it off). Epoxy coatings can actually hold water and it’s possible to use them in marine applications or for finishing a pool. 



Basement concrete floors are often finished poorly, featuring high and low spots spread throughout the floor. Attempting to install any type of rigid, click-together flooring is a challenge on a wavy floor and the end result always has imperfections. It’s possible to correct such waviness by way of a self-levelling concrete solution before the rigid flooring install, but that approach is costly and could fail down the road. An epoxy coating is a great solution for a wavy floor because the resin-based coating flows over the entire floor and covers it uniformly. Epoxy coatings typically don’t go down thick enough to make the entire floor flat, but after our coating is installed on a wavy floor, it will look aesthetically pleasing and the waves won’t be noticeable to the eye.



If your basement floor slab has higher than normal levels of moisture, you will benefit greatly from an epoxy coating. Our coating will lock out the moisture and make your basement living area much drier. We employ a special waterproofing membrane prior to the coloured epoxy coats, which ensures an excellent bond is achieved between the epoxy and the concrete. High moisture levels inside the concrete cause peeling issues for epoxy coatings, so failing to address moisture before coating could lead to failures in the future. High moisture conditions also make installing other types of flooring a challenge. If you have a basement moisture issue, our waterproofing membrane plus epoxy coating is the best solution.



An excellent feature of a basement epoxy coating is – it’s totally seamless. No grout lines or any other joint lines. Just a smooth, easy to clean floor. Our clients love how easy it is to clean their basement epoxy floors. In fact, some time after our epoxy coating was installed in one of our client’s basement, they sold their house. Upon moving into their new home, they called us back to install the same epoxy coating in their new basement!



Our basement epoxy coating system features a quick turnaround. For most basement floors from 200-1000 sq ft, we can complete the job in three working days. We only use 100% solid coating materials for interior applications and they have no VOCs. Each coat needs to dry overnight so it’s not possible to do a basement job in one day, but 3 days is still a reasonable timing expectation compared to the other basement flooring options.


Our basement epoxy solution consists of the following steps:

1) A full grind of the existing concrete using a walk behind grinder with diamond tooling, hooked up to a dust control vacuum. Every step is taken to minimize dust.

2) Cracks and any other issues with the concrete are repaired prior to applying the coating.

3) Two coats of 100% solid epoxy are applied, at a rate of 150 sq ft/gallon per coat. The colour of the epoxy is your choice – choose from any Benjamin Moore colour code.

4) A urethane coating is applied as the final coat, which provides abrasion and basic chemical resistance. This final coat is available in gloss or matte finish.

Pricing is dependent on several factors – square footage of the basement, condition of the base concrete and job site working conditions. $8/sq ft is a good average starting point, but just fill out the form below and Stefan will provide you with a firm, written estimate.


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